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Well, 2018 is gone, and 2019 is here! The change from one year to the next always comes with changing expectations and goals for the coming year. New Years goals are a great way to help hold yourself accountable at the end of the year! What did you work on, what did you drop, and what could you make better the next year?

One positive change you can make this year is to make a goal to work on an aspect of your home! Perhaps you aren’t in the market to sell at this time, but it is always a good idea to keep your house updated with current safety features such as plumbing, electric, and solid roof. Just keeping up with the house can seem like a challenge, but when you do go to sell, it will make your journey from Listing to Sold that much easier.

Now, you don’t have to remodel your house every year, of course. This year, maybe you can focus on one aspect of your house that needs updating, or perhaps an aspect you’d like to change. Repaint the living room to open the space and let in light, or work on the backyard so you can build a social area you’d love to have a party in. Whatever your desired change, make this your year!

Another easy way to change the space you’re in is to evaluate your current furniture setup. Is it ideal for your activities? Could you change things around and get better use from your space? You might find a room transformed by a different placement of a couch, bed, or even table. Don’t forget that art on the walls can change, as can throw rugs and sheet sets. Bring out a new color scheme, or feature a favored theme. Go all out this year and make your space your own.

If you’re hoping to make the even bigger change of buying or selling a home this year, The Hall Team can help you throughout the entire process! Our excellent service and multi-platform advertising helps our clients get the best deals on the house of their dreams. Call or click today for more information on working with Kevin and the rest of the Hall Team to help you find your place!

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