There’s a new spin studio in Santa Barbara, and it’s quite a ride! This action-packed exercise suits all levels of fitness, and is suitable “for everybody and every body”. To help bring some awareness to the Grand Opening occurring on February 27th, The Hall Team hosted a free ride event for some of our clients, friends, and a handful of wonderful Cottage nurses (thanks for all that energy, ladies!). It was an energetic, fast-paced class that everyone enjoyed. Our class leader, Lara Mack, is part owner of the studio, and one of the reasons behind StarCycle coming to Santa Barbara.

The Hall Team Cares About Health and Fitness in Santa Barbara!

Exercise is so beneficial and can help you through a great deal of challenges. Whether mental or physical, that rush of endorphins and adrenaline can help you fend off any sad, mad, or bored feelings and get energized for your day, week, or weekend. Of course, not everyone feels like organized exercise is for them. To that we say: just give it a try! One class is 45 minutes long, and you’ll be able to say you’ve given the spin class idea a try, even if it doesn’t work for you. The bikes are comfortable, the room is a safe space to “ride” instead of the street, and you can always take a breather if you need to stop.

Our group ranged from one end of the spectrum to the other: young, old, fit, out of shape, and everything besides! The friendly and attentive staff were knowledgeable and helpful. They adjusted everyone’s bikes to the right height, making sure we all had our knees and shoes in the right places. Injury is the last thing anyone wants from their exercise, and the staff of StarCycle Santa Barbara know how to fit you to best help your body type. Set with water bottles, towels, and weights (all provided by The Hall Team and StarCycle) we clipped in to the pedals and warmed up.

Cycling For The Stars, And Beyond!


The knowledgeable staff helped everyone get settled.


The Hall Team Cares! We provided water bottles for the ride, and some refreshments after the class.

When the lights go down, that’s when the fun begins as the room is only lit by a few candles. You can’t really see well enough to know what the person next to you is doing. This can be very helpful to some, as it promotes the feeling of assurance that no one can see them to judge them. For others, they like the sense of being alone in the room. With a light on Lara, we all followed her energetic lead. She did every move, and kept the motivational cheering up throughout the ride.

At the end of the ride we cooled down with some stretching, followed by a stop for refreshments in the lobby. All in all, a wonderful time was had by all. You can find out more about StarCycle Santa Barbara, Lara, and the classes/times by visiting their location in La Cumbre shopping center, across from Williams-Sonoma.

We love to support our community!IMG_8727

For a limited time only StarCycle Santa Barbara is having a new-location membership deal! Ask them about it today!

The Hall Team loves to be active in the community, and to support our friends and clients throughout town. If you’re looking to buy, sell, or know someone who is, then The Hall Team can help you realize your housing dreams, just as Lara can realize your fitness dreams. Looking for more things to do around town? Stay tuned to our social media for some great spots to hit in town!

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