In a perfect world, having someone show up to your house to take pictures would be an easy task to prepare for, and would be stress free. In reality, it can be difficult to know that your home will be photographed and shown to the world. There are some easy steps to take to make your home as photo-shoot worthy as you can without stressing to the max. With a few easy steps starting a week or more ahead of the shoot, and you will be blown away by the ease of the day of shooting, and how beautiful the pictures are afterwards.


One Week (Or More) Before The Shoot

Remember that the first thing any potential buyer is going to see is the exterior of the house. You want to make that outside as appealing as possible before the day of the shoot.

For The Exterior:

  • Consider pressure washing sidewalks, pathways, and the driveway, as well as any dirty exterior walls, fences, or sheds. Clean any outdoor furniture, as well.
  • Weed and tidy the garden beds out front. If not beds, then tidy up any potted plants, making sure there are no empty pots or dead plants left out.
  • Clean up the yard, both the usual things (mowing the lawn, trimming any hedges, adding new mulch) and anything outstanding, like removing a dead tree limb or pulling ivy from off of a structure. You’re looking to add to your curb appeal!
  • Clean all windows and doors.
  • Clean the pool, if you have one.
  • Review your outdoor furniture cushions, cleaning, replacing, or removing as needed.

For The Interior:

  • Start by decluttering spaces. Clear off tables, shelves, and counters. Remove stacks of papers, magazines, and other items. If you’re going to be moving soon, this is a good time to start packing away less necessary items, such as holiday decor and extra linens.
  • Clean your carpets, dust all the corners, scrub the walls, windows and window seals.
  • Wipe off all light switches, cabinets, and interior doors.
  • Replace any burnt out bulbs, and make sure all of the light bulbs match in each lighting area.
  • For kids rooms, try to contain or store their toys, and clear the floor.
  • Try to corral cords and chargers, and unplug any unnecessary electronics.

The Day Of The Shoot

The day of the shoot, you’ll want to clean and clear as much as possible. It can be especially helpful to do these things the day before, and simply touch up as needed the day of.

For The Exterior:

  • Make sure all cars are parked off the property, and preferably away from the front of the home. Move any trailers, boats, or RVs before the shoot.
  • Move all lawn care tools like hoses, shovels, and watering cans out of sight. Move the garbage and recycling bins out of sight as well.
  • Remove toys, pool items, and anything personal from the yards, both front and back.
  • Sweep pathways and driveways clear. Patios as well!

For The Interior:

  • You will want to sweep, vacuum, and mop all floors.
  • Turn on all the lights, including lamps, but leave any fans off.
  • Turn blinds horizontal, and open all curtains in every room, you want as much natural light as possible
  • Make sure all TVs, computer monitors, and electronics are turned off with their remotes stored out of sight.
  • If there are pets in the house, it is best to remove as much evidence of them as possible for the pictures. Remove beds, bowls, and litter boxes before the shoot, and plan to keep your pets in a crate or carrier, or have them off property for the shoot.
  • Hide trash cans, laundry hampers, and recycle bins all around the house.
  • In the kitchen, clear the counters as much as possible, and wipe down all surfaces. Hide dishwashing implements like soap and sponge, as well as stashing away any small appliances you can.
  • Consider fresh flowers or a bowl of fruit for your counters and kitchen table.
  • In the bathrooms, hide the daily use stuff like toothbrushes and hand soap, unless it’s a decorative bottle. Wipe down mirrors and shower doors if you have them. Hide your showering implements, and make sure the tub is clean.
  • Make sure your toilet lids are down, and you have fresh rolls of paper in the holder.
  • In bedrooms, make all beds, pick up anything from the floor. Put away children’s toys, and try to limit personal effects in all bedrooms.

With a little planning, you can have both ease of experience and a little peace of mind. Taking good photos will help show the best parts of your home to potential buyers, and you want those photos to shine. Do what you think is best, of course, to show potential buyers the charms and unique features or views your home offers.

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