Already the fastest growing and innovative real estate company, Compass continues to find new and more beneficial ways to enable agents to help their clients sell their homes faster and for more money than previously available. Our newest program in which Compass is helping sellers is our “Compass Concierge” service. Concierge services include things like renovations/repairs, flooring, plumbing, pest work, landscaping, deep cleaning, and even staging services, all to help you sell faster and for an increased value.  The service costs homeowners nothing up front – nothing! There’s no cost to use the program, and no interest payments either. All you have to do is pay back the cost of the services at the close of the sale of your house out of the sales proceeds, and that’s that. No fees, interest, or service charges!

What, then, you may ask, can help my house sell faster? What can add value greater than the amount I spend? There are a few easy fixes which can lend your house a much needed facelift, and with the Concierge program they could cost you nothing up front.

Here are just a few!

Painting and Cleaning

One way to help sell your house is to look at each room from the prospective buyer’s position. How would you feel about walking into a house filled with mess and clutter, trying to envision your own furniture and personal effects? Even if you can’t take away any of the clutter, you can do some deep cleaning to help your home sparkle. Given even a single day, a professional cleaning service can come and work wonders: scrubbing all the available surfaces, sweeping and mopping floors and patios, cleaning glass and mirrors all around the home and that sort of thing. Once you have the blank slate of a cleaned house, you can turn to the next step: look at your walls.

Walls take a lot of abuse, especially in households with small children. While cleaning may remove surface issues, it’s always a good idea to fill nail holes and patch any cracks or gouges before you put the house on the market. A handyman can do the repairs for you quickly, including painting the patch to match the wall. Another thing to think about with your walls is color and condition. Now that they’re clean, do they need a new coat of paint? Could a former child’s bedroom be a neutral off-white instead of baby pink? While you may be emotionally attached the memories of raising your family there, the next buyer may just see it as another task to address upon moving in. On the other hand, sometimes adding an accent wall to a room can also help bring a space to life. These are all things to talk about with The Hall Team before you do make changes.


Another easy upgrade for many homes is paying attention to the landscaping and greenery around the home. If you have a front and back yard, you should look at trimming bushes, trees, and other growth to keep the home visible, but still keep it accented and approachable. Cut the grass and pull weeds, mulch beds and replace dead plants, and don’t forget window boxes or standing planters. The landscaping is the first thing any prospective buyer will see, so having a beautiful entryway can help your curb appeal immensely.


Something that can really take your home to the next level is staging. Staging allows your home to really shine with personality and charm it might have otherwise lacked. Your furniture, while being wonderful in that it is yours, is not always the best furniture to sell a room, let alone a home. Having a matching sofas and chairs in your living room may mean the difference between a sale and another week on the market, in the end, because the buyers have the chance to see the potential of the room through staging. Staging also allows you to sell an unoccupied space more quickly, as it helps buyers to envisage the prospective home instead of seeing empty space. Research consistently shows that professionally staged homes seller faster and for more money than an unstaged home.

It’s hard to sell someone a home when all they see is neglect and projects to be completed. While this may appeal to certain buyers – there’s someone for every property – it won’t help you sell your house for the best possible price. With just a few services before your sale, you can help yourself get the best out of selling your house. Compass understands this, and with our new Compass Concierge service, we put the ability to sell your home at its best within your grasp. Talk to The Hall Team today about our Concierge services!

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