HALL-oween 2019 was another great success! We had commented previously about last year’s HALL-oween party, which raised food and funds for the Santa Barbara Foodbank. We raised over a thousand dollars last year, and we decided to reach for that goal again. We also filled three donation barrels with canned and nonperishable goods last year – so we raised the stakes and asked for a fourth donation barrel from the Food Bank. 

Early on Monday, October 28th the Hall Team started putting out the tables and getting the carving gear ready. With the custom pumpkin display stands built, and the carving stations set up, it was time for the pumpkins. We received a delivery of pumpkins early in the morning, donated through efforts of the Food Bank, and had to get the pumpkins set up and ready to carve before the evening. There was a lot of pumpkin-moving going on! 

Once the pumpkins were ready to carve, the team, the neighborhood, and even some passers-by got to task of carving pumpkins. We asked attendees to donate either money or food to the Food Bank in exchange for carving a pumpkin. Some made donations but elected not to carve, while others carved more than one pumpkin because they were hooked on the fun! By the end of the first evening we filled one entire stand out front, and lit them all up. HALL-oween was off to a great start!

On Tuesday, we combined Night #2 of our Pumpkin Party with a celebration of winning the Santa Barbara Independent’s “Best Of Santa Barbara” for both Best Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Team. We also celebrated Compass’ winning the Santa Barbara News-Press’ Reader’s Choice for Best Real Estate Office. Blue Corn Tacos catered the event with a choice of sweet potato or pastor tacos, both of which were amazing. We had beer from M. Special Brewery, wine from Grassini Vineyards, and of course plenty of food and fun for all. Kevin made a wonderful sunset champagne toast, and of course the lighting of the pumpkins at dusk drew a big crowd.

Wednesday’s carving day was prolific! We reached an all-time high of 180 carved pumpkins over the three days, lighting up the night with fun and ghoulish carvings. 

In the end, we reached, and surpassed, our $1000 goal, and we donated four barrels of food! Those donations will go to help support the people in Santa Barbara County who partner with The Food Bank for their food assistance. The Food Bank is in need this season, because it is the build-up to Thanksgiving and the Holiday season beyond. Every donation helps, and every dollar donated helps bring 8 meals to the community. Check out the Food Bank’s website to see where and how to donate!

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