A Series Highlighting Some of The Hall Team’s Favorite People, Places, and Services from The Santa Barbara Independent’s “The Best of Santa Barbara”*

Update 3/19/2020: In today’s challenging world of daily health updates on COVID-19 and the economic impacts it has in our community, we want to support our local businesses best we can! We know that Social Distancing is currently the best way to limit the spread of the virus. So, in that regard, D’Angelo Bread (featured here) is providing To-Go and pick up orders only from 8-noon each day. They will have the kitchen operating and a full menu available this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for take out only.

Today we’re highlighting the head baker for the Winner of the Indie’s 2019 Best Place To Get Bread, D’Angelo’s! Dietmar Eilbacher is a fourth generation baker – so much so that the family dog is named Baker! In 1964, Dietmer’s father began the sourdough culture that is the backbone of the bread Dietmar himself bakes today. From their most popular levain and kalamata olive loaves to their staple sourdough breads, there is never a touch of processed yeast, nor artificial ingredients. Only pure, wholesome and delicious bread, from start to finish.

Using whole ingredients and the natural rising power of the sourdough, Dietmar creates fanciful, flavorful breads that keep people coming back every week for breakfast and lunch. There are pastries with fresh homemade jam, and of course a full breakfast and lunch menu. Come early to get a seat inside – the locals know that this is the place to go. No room inside, or out at the sidewalk tables? Take your pastries to go and enjoy the easy walk to State Street, or find a spot to watch the goings-on at the beach. 

Why is Dietmar’s Bread The Best?

Dietmar and Kevin share a similar viewpoint about breads!

When asked why his bread was voted the best, Dietmar laughs and says “simplicity!” Using the best ingredients – various kinds of flour, water, sea salt and natural herbs, seeds and spices such as fresh rosemary, brown sesame, kalamata olives, flax, caraway, etc – in a method first used by the Egyptians. Dietmar explains that “the mixing and fermentation process are designed to protect and enhance the natural flavors of the ingredients, minimizing oxidation. The breads are then baked in our European deck oven to finish them off with a beautiful crust.” When asked about their low-profile, hearty style of breads, he adds that he goes for maximum flavor, not volume. You don’t need it to be light and fluffy, you need it to be delicious and delight the senses. 

Dietmar’s European Deck oven, complete with peel and levain.

Dietmar also says that it helps to have his family behind him and his friends by his side. Kevin and all of The Hall Team love to stop by and grab fresh bread and pastries, as well as bring our clients past for a coffee or a lunch meeting. A personal team favorite is their number one dish- the Eggs Rose. Crunchy Kalamata olive sourdough toast with a creamy artichoke spread and perfectly poached eggs on top! 

It’s a place that locals love, and that everyone should visit! Come see why Dietmar’s bread brings D’Angelo’s such an honor from the Santa Barbara community!

It’s located at 25 W Gutierrez St. Get out there and try it!

Post a picture of yourself with your to-go D’Angelo’s on Instagram and tag @thehallteam for a chance to get an extra special surprise!

*While there are many wonderful businesses, services, and establishments in town, we are simply sharing some of the ones we love. If there are others you’d like us to consider, please submit your suggestions to us!

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