With the sudden change in the ways in which people socialize, work, and pretty much do everything these days in the name of Social Distancing, the real estate sector (like so much else) has shown a noticeable pause in activity. While buying and selling is still happening, there’s been a lack of homes for sale popping up. So what do you do when there’s a quiet time?

You take stock of what’s important, and you think to yourself “what have I been putting off?” For the two Founding members of The Hall Team, Kevin and Lesley, it came down to the fact that when you work from home pretty often anyways, you can stop seeing the little things that other people see.

What Could Need Updating?

Just like when we, the real estate agents, do a first walk through of your property before it even goes on the market, there are plenty of items that you can look at as a homeowner and think, “oh that’s just how that is.” From worn out appliances to a need for a total repaint, there’s always something you can do to help bring more enjoyment (and often monetary value) to your property.

With some time on their hands, Kevin and Lesley decided to do what they often advise their clients to do: make a list of the things that you notice, and decide what you can do to make them better! What can you change that brings either happiness to you, or will bring more value to your property when the time comes to sell or rent? In the current climate, it can be a great way to spend extra time and energy as well, doing a little Hands-On-Home-D-I-Y. Seriously, when are you ever going to have more time to tackle such projects??

For the Halls, the main interior color, chosen a good 15 years ago, had become a bit dated, and there were issues with wall texture and damage that needed to be addressed. Going from a light color to an even lighter color still took a few coats of primer and paint, but the results were clearly worth the effort!

Let’s See The Makeover!

So here we have a few of the Before, During and After images, because no home makeover is complete without a good Before-and-After montage! (Cue 80’s montage music!)

After clearing the counters, moving furniture, and of course prepping with tape and such, there was the step of mudding and sanding. Lots and lots of mudding, and then of course lots of sanding as well.

Kevin’s creativity got the better of him and he decided to have some fun with the project – can you spot his contribution?

Kevin Hall, Best of The Best (as per The Santa Barbara Independent)

With his fun all over, it was three coats of primer and then off to painting. They chose a nice bright white to lighten the space, contrasting with the dark tiles. The white, which they thought years ago might be too stark, turned out to be a wonderful addition to their kitchen and dining room. The rooms are brighter, and the overall feel of the house has opened up.

So, what have you been doing to help beat the Quarantine Boredom? Need some tips or tricks for home upgrades that can help add value to your house, whether you’re thinking of moving or just thinking of spiffing up? Call Kevin and The Hall Team to get the insider’s scoop on home upgrades!

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