“Our experience with Kevin, Lesley and their team was exceptional. My wife and I were new to the area and met the Halls when we were just starting to explore the market. We hadn’t been pre-approved, hadn’t been to any open houses, hadn’t talked to anyone. As first time homebuyers we didn’t know what to expect and didn’t want to be pressured into anything we weren’t ready for or comfortable with.

From the moment we met them, the Halls took us seriously and took the time to get to know us and what we were looking for. Over the coming months they guided us through a number of open houses, talking us through what to look for, what to consider and expect in our price range and how to think about and compare different options and timing.

After months of looking, the Halls reached out to let us know about a new home they had heard of that wasn’t even on the market yet, but they thought it would be a perfect fit and sent it our way. We went to look at it and were sold. As soon as we decided to make an offer, the Halls were with us every step of the way. From late night phone calls with Kevin to answer our most basic questions, to guiding us through the inspections, contingencies and unexpected hiccups, they went above and beyond and we ended up closing on the place of our dreams. It was everything we wanted and we are so grateful for the Hall team’s help and could not recommend them any higher.”